STIIIZY HHC All in One Pen 2 Gram

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Indulge in the ultimate all-in-one experience with the STIIIZY HHC AIO Vape. Each puff delivers a burst of delectable flavor and the potent effects of premium U.S. grown cannabis, leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and content. Immerse yourself in a world of tantalizing flavors and soothing relaxation with the STIIIZY HHC AIO Live Resin – the perfect companion for any occasion.


  • 1 – 2 puffs to establish individual tolerance.


  • Battery Capacity: Integrated Rechargeable
  • Cannabinoid: HHC. 2 grams
  • Concentrate: Live Resin, Terpenes
  • Heating Element: Ceramic Coil
  • Firing: Draw-Activated
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Light
  • Chassis Construction: Polycarbonate
  • No Fillers
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • Charging: Type-C Port

Purple Punch (INDICA)

An Indica strain that shares sedative-like effects and the taste of blueberry muffins and grape candy. Purple Punch was made by crossing Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple strains.

Birthday Cake (HYBRID)

A Hybrid strain with strong body effects and a delicious cake flavor. Birthday Cake was made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains.

King Louis XIII (INDICA)

An Indica strain that offers relaxing effects and has an earthy, pine-like flavor. King Louis XIII was made by crossing OG Kush and LA Confidential strains.

Warning: THC is a psycho-active substance. Operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after using this product is not advised. This product may cause you to fail a THC drug test. You assume full responsibility for all parts related to your purchase and consumption. Use small doses when starting.


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