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Pina Colada choices cart or choices vape cart, sometimes known as “CBD Lilly,” is a happy-making CBD-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Pina Colada is a strong medicine for customers seeking medicinal effects, with a CBD:THC ratio of 3-to-1. Congo IBL and Queen Mother are a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives users a euphoric bliss that encourages laughter and conversation. Its buzz settles into the body as functional and mild relaxation, which aids in the relief of inflammation and physical pain. Spicy and grassy has been characterized as the scent.

Grape Soda choices cart or choices vape cart by Taste Budz is a robust and fast-acting variant of Tahoe OG Kush that makes for a great evening strain. It gives you a relaxed, heavy-bodied sensation that makes you forget about your worries. This phenotype’s look and flavor are defined by its sweet and pungent purple buds. Grape Soda choiceslab cart or choiceslab vape cart has a robust citrus perfume and grape flavors on the palate, and the breeder suggests it for sadnessanxietysleeplessnessindigestioninflammation, and moderate pain.


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